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Dundee Blues Bonanza
We're delighted to have been booked for this year's Dundee Blues Bonanza festival... We look forward to meeting new fans up in Scotland and having a great trip!
Proud Galleries
We've done a couple of dates now at this hip venue in the heart of Camden. On our own Gallery page there are some new videos of the first gig. We're back there again on Sun 26 Sept!
Round Midnight
Well the night time is the right time... to pop on over to the Gallery page to see some videos of our recent gig at the splendid Round Midnight bar in Islington. We're back there again on October 2nd!
An 'Excello' time in Spain...

I was over in the south of Spain, for the Mijas International Blues Festival, with West Weston again this year. As well as performing as the Bluesonics we also had the great pleasure of backing, not only London's own rasta-blues icon, Jerimiah Marques but also the headline act, Louisiana swamp-blues legend Lazy Lester!

This was a huge thrill for me as I got to play a bunch of his classic songs - Sugar Coated Love, I'm A Lover Not a Fighter and of course, They Call Me Lazy - with the man himself. After the festival we also had the privilege of recording a live album with Lester, for none other than Mike Vernon! Hopefully we all played well and something will get released later this year. It's scary to think one of the last guitarists to record with Lester was Jimmie Vaughan...!

What an awesome week that was. I'm hoping to dig up some more photos and video, in the meantime that's the whole group of us above, at the Hotel Mijas after doing a spot on local TV.

The power of 3

Late last year Sebastiano left us to pursue his musical studies, so we had to make do without double-bass for a while. In the process we found we really enjoyed playing as a trio. Claudio's left-hand bass from the organ is a very strong fat sound and as a unit, if anything, we're both tighter and yet more agile and free to improvise in this format.


The feedback from people at gigs has been great and we're loving it, so this is official - we're a trio!

December gigs

On Wed 16 Dec we're at the new Blues Kitchen bar, Camden High Street:
Blues Kitchen

For those of you down south, we're also at the lovely Oval Tavern in Croydon on Sun 6 Dec. See you there!

Album Reviews

"An epic triumph" - Blues In Britain

"Incredible maturity, with a unique and refreshing approach" - Blues Matters

read more

Launch party: 29 May
We're having a launch party for the CD on Friday 29 May. It's right in the centre of the city at "Ray's Jazz", which is in the cafe of Foyles bookstore at the top of Charing Cross Rd. We'll be playing a set between 6 and 7pm so drop by after work, have a coffee or a beer and enjoy some great new music...
CD is available now!
We're playing at this great new venue in East London on Saturday...

We'll be doing a couple of sets, performing tracks from the album, and of course we'll have copies with us for sale.

And the album is now available online: right here.
CDs arrived!
Hi folks, the CDs arrived back from the factory... and they look great!

I am still working on the new website, in the meantime if you're itching to get a copy just drop me an email at: (bah, who needs order forms eh?). Price is £11.99 incl. UK postage.
CDs are ordered from the factory
They should be here in about 3 weeks time.

Unfortunately the mailing list sign up above isn't working at the moment - if you want to join please just email me at and I'll put you on.

I'll have a new website up soon where you can sign up, buy the new cd etc.
Album nearly done...
We have finished with all the recording and mixing... that leaves the mastering to be done over the next week and a bit. So, I should have box-loads of the new CD ready to sell in time for Christmas!
In the studio at last!
...and I have the photos to prove it:

Northill Blues Festival

The Paul Garner Band have been booked for the Northill Blues Festival, on 12 July. There's a few other choice acts on the bill such as John Crampton and, fellow antipodean, aussie guitar-maestro Gwyn Ashton.

I'll also be doing a few festivals with other bands this year: Malaga with West Weston, Silda Jazz (Norway) and Guiness Jazz Festival in Dublin with Oo-Bop-Sh'Bam.

Also, studio dates are finally booked, for May. I very much hope to have the new PGB album done by end of July.

Be More Forthcoming...
Well four months on and we're still rehearsing new material for the forthcoming album. We are really working hard to make it something special! Aiming to be in the studio by end of March. In the meantime we're playing much of it live at our regular gigs.

Just want to let you all know that the band are currently rehearsing for a new album, which should be out at the start of next year. Once again it'll be full of original material, some of it we've been road-testing live for the past year, and some totally new stuff. To hear a preview, get on down to one of our regular gigs. Here we are at Ain't Nothin' But blues bar, Soho:

My Good Side
Been playing the sideman guitarist with some new bands lately. Notable acts I've played with include ongoing dates with The Cadillac Kings, popular exponents of 'West-Coast' Blues, swing and boogie. Also a gig with harmonica maestro Steve 'West' Weston and his Bluesonics down at Ain't Nothin' But, that was big fun, and again, absolutely top 'West Coast' Blues performer.
Live in 'The Blues Room'
We really enjoyed playing our recent gig at Ryde Theatre on the Isle of Wight. It's a lovely venue and a lovely bunch of blues-loving folks running these events. They have some great acts like Ian Siegal playing there. We took some video of our show which is up on YouTube, click below:

PGB videos
German Tour
I had a lot of fun in Germany with Holly Roberts and the band. It was nice to have a chance to introduce my music to a new audience and we went down really well every time we played, even though we were usually billed as a different band!

Live @ Ratskeller, Gebesee
More photos up on
On Tour in Germany
I'm helping out my friends who were in Damien McCabe's Real Feel band after he had to drop out of their tour, for personal reasons. We are playing ten dates in ten days over in Germany and it should be a lot of fun! Will be doing a mix of my original material and some funky soul-jazz stuff, featuring Holly Roberts on keyboards.

Bringing It All Back Home
I recently got back from a visit home to New Zealand. It was a chance to catch up with my family, and as it happened my Dad was just releasing a new CD so I was there for the launch party. It was like old times, playing with him again. I also did a set with Nigel and Warren, who were the rhythm section on my Love vs Blues CD.

Mike & Paul Garner
Blues In London!
Blues In London Presents...
We're playing at the second of these new monthly nights put on by

It's a nice venue and well worth supporting blues there I reckon. Good music too of course, be sure to arrive early and catch Adrian 'Son Of Blues' doing a solo set before us.

Hopefully we can jam a bit too...
Fun in France and Sardinia
Just got back from a great trip to Europe. The Paul Garner Band played a set at the Blues At Bardies festival. Other artists featured included Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield and Sonny Black.

Paul Garner Band, Blues At Bardies Festival, 5 August 2006.
More photos up on

Afterwards I continued on with Claudio to Sardinia and we did a gig there, an idyllic beach-front location!
I have launched a new website, to sell my CD direct to music-lovers in the UK. The CD is still available from CD Baby (USA) and Amplifier (NZ) but the new site: provides a much more convenient option for those of you who (like me) are living in the UK!
Oo-Bop Sh'Bam!
Got a bumper load of gigs in the diary at the moment. You can catch me and Claudio doing my original sets at the Green Note in Camden again in June, with some dates at Ain't Nothin' But coming up too.

I've recently recorded an album with 7-piece Jump/Jive outfit, Oo-Bop Sh'Bam. This is a top-class band fronted by Jackson Sloane, formerly of "Rent Party", and the album is being released by an Italian label. I've been getting my T-Bone on!

Oo-Bop Sh'Bam
Now available for download...
My album Love vs Blues is now available for download from Apple's iTunes music store.

If you have the iTunes software you can download tracks for 79p each (or U.S. 99c). Cool eh? If you have iTunes, just click here.
Blue in Green
Green Note
Green Note is a new vegetarian cafe-bar and live venue in Camden. Featuring jazz, blues, folk, roots and world music, along with plenty of good vibes. Catch me there on Friday 21 October...
Bobtje Blues
A really great review just in from Belgium:

"...I’m not talking about his sublime guitar-playing only. The man owns one of the most magnificent voices I heard on CD this year. In a number of songs he even made me think about Jamie Cullum, the young million-selling artist, who personally is responsible for the rebirth of jazz in the UK."

See the reviews page for full text.
On Air
Tonight I was pretty chuffed, Paul Jones played one of my tracks on his blues show on BBC Radio 2! He even linked it back to the classic B.B. King track he'd just played: "There we had two songs about Love vs Blues..."
Northern exposure...
Ten gallons of blues mojo
Recently had the enjoyable experience of playing the 2005 Shetland Is. Blues Festival, with Joshua Blue.

We arrived as something of an unknown quantity I think, but after a stonking set on Saturday night we were promoted to the closing slot at the main venue on Sunday.

It sure was a long way, but we had a great time and enjoyed the generous Shetland hospitality. See you again!
Busy gigging schedule
I'm currently in demand and playing for three top-class blues line-ups in London and beyond.

There's the Bluematics, who play around twice a month at Soho blues venue Ain't Nothin' But, classic '50s-style with sax and harp.

Live @ Viva Viva: I do have other shirts, honest!

There's the Greg Derham Band, a 7-piece outfit featuring Hammond organ and horns, playing a funky set, usually at Viva Viva in North London.

And there's Joshua Blue, featuring dynamic front-man Cliff Campbell, poised to conquer the national blues scene.
Back in London...
I'm back in London now, via a jam night in Vancouver... just going through the process of finding somewhere to live, putting the band together again etc.

In the meantime I have a couple of gigs with the Greg Derham Band, a wicked line-up with organ and horns, playing funky jazz and blues.
More reviews
"Paul Garner offers a classy collection of songs that hark back to the days when musicians, rather than computers, played music... For those who like their music 'real', this is well worth checking out.”
Tim Page - NZ Musician magazine

"This band sets wonderful moods which is a great asset for a songwriter to have and this is an album of really good songs, unlike so many other blues albums..."
Ross Mortimer - Rooster Blues, Australia

See the reviews page for full texts.
Back from Japan

Had a great time in Japan in the run up to Christmas. Was a chance to play in some top venues like Blues Alley in Tokyo and, seen above at, Kyoto RAG (note Lou Donaldson's signature on the wall!). Also a chance to eat some interesting food, like... jellyfish tentacles. Mmm!

I'll be back in London in exactly one month's time.
Reviews for Love vs Blues
The first reviews for my album are starting to come in and I'm delighted to say they're universally positive! Some quotes below, see the reviews page for full text. Got a particularly good review from the respected 'Blues in Britain' magazine (8/10, recommended).

"Love vs Blues shows that Paul Garner is a fine talent. His style occupies the same sort of territory as Ronnie Earl and Sonny Black, with a measure of Anders Osborne thrown in for good measure. Hopefully blues clubs up and down the country will be booking him when he gets back from his December tour of Japan because, on the evidence of Love vs Blues, Paul Garner certainly deserves to be heard by a wide audience."
Gordon Baxter - Blues in Britain magazine

"What is most surprising... is what a good songwriter he is. The twelve songs here are all his originals and half of them sound less like new songs than undiscovered blues classics."
Derek Jacombs - The Weekend Sun, NZ
Radio Play
'Love vs Blues' is getting airplay in a few places. Mike Butler is playing it regularly on his show, 'Riffin Da Blues', broadcast in the Bay of Plenty [Sunday 6:30-9:00pm, Sun FM & Moana 1440AM]. It's also on air in Norway, 'Blue Note' on Nye Radio Larvik.

And kiwis all over, listen out this Saturday because it'll be featured on National Radio, 'Homegrown', 3-5pm.
Update from Paul
Hi folks. The CD is now available online from Amplifier. I am in New Zealand at present and hope to announce some local gigs soon. Japan is all go in December. Back in London in January!
Big in Japan
More exciting Blueprint news... we're touring Japan for a couple of weeks in December, with gigs in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. More dates to be confirmed.

Also, while 'downunder' Paul has recorded an album with a one-off band of NZ's finest musicians. Called 'Love vs Blues', the album features 12 of Paul's originals. More details here soon.

Paul will be back in London in January '05, so stay tuned! Peace, Love and Blues...
Just got the site back up and running after a computer crash...
I was so excited, I forgot to ask the guy with the digital camera to send me some photos of us and Duwayne. On the off-chance you read this mate... we'd love to see 'em:
Going Out In Style...
I'm off travelling round the world for the next 6-12 months, so our gigs on Fri and Sat were the last ones for a while!

Friday night was particularly special because Duwayne Burnside and Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars came down after their gig at the Borderline. Duwayne even borrowed my guitar and did the last song of the night! Oh, and tabloid-fodder Billie Piper and Chris Evans were there too... she didn't want my autograph but Chris seemed to be enjoying it ;)

Thanks to everyone who's ever come down and made our other gigs so much fun, and I'll see you all again before the end of the year.

Paul Garner.
Merry Chistmas!
Wishing all our fans and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Blueprint After Dark
We had a great time down at Jazz After Dark in Soho last night. Shame most of you couldn't be there as it was a private party, but it certainly made a memorable birthday for Joe Bloggs!
Our first gigs confirmed...
We have confirmed bookings for our first gigs of the new year. See the 'Upcoming Gigs' panel for details.